Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Maven mean?

Our name, Maven, represents passion, knowledge and expertise. These are our foundations.

What does the brand stand for?

We build The Finest of Fishing Rods™. We value simplicity, refined styling, attention to detail and hand craftsmanship. Combined with advanced technology, these are the hallmarks of a Maven rod.

What is different about Maven rods from other products on the market?   

Maven is different because our focus is on boutique, high quality production - and keeping it in New Zealand. We think fishing rods are so personal and treasured - yet typically are mass produced. We have world-beating technology and design talent in our operation here in New Zealand, and we're passionate about taking it to the world.

What is so difficult about doing a lengthways pinstripe that warranted a registered design mark?  

The painting process for a fishing rod is typically a single colour. The process of introducing a delicate stripe on the full length of the rod involves multiple, careful steps and coats of paint, and extreme care and accuracy.

Why did it take so long to bring product to market?  

Good things take time. We spent many months developing custom blanks for our rods, and many more perfecting a very difficult painting process. The results are outstanding.

How many types of rod are available?  

There are five Maven rod ranges: Gulf (available now), and Tasman, Firth, Pacific and Coast (being released from mid 2015). 

What colours do they come in?  

There are five Maven colour stories: Sea Foam, Vintage Blue, Mocha, Rocket and Maize.

Where can I buy Maven rods?  

You can only buy Maven online, at

The Maven crest looks as if it incorporates some elements of traditional Maori design, how did this come about?  

The Maven crest is a fusion of cultural images representative of New Zealand, and are an expression of our love for our land and our waterways. We designed the crest to represent a unique, locally manufactured treasure that is tuturu Aotearoa (New Zealand).