Maven launches in New Zealand with the Finest of Fishing Rods

November 05, 2014

Exquisite form follows unparalleled technical function in the inaugural range of Maven fishing rods, handcrafted in New Zealand with a world-first lengthways pinstripe design.

Launched in Auckland this week, and as at home on a super yacht as at the local lake, Maven rods blend purist design aesthetics with an impeccable technical pedigree to create a modern classic.

Maven founder Gayleen Pratt says the brand was developed to bring together passions for design, technology and fishing. “We were pretty nostalgic about the days where things like fishing rods were prized possessions, rather than mass-produced, disposable items. At the same time, the industry follows some unwritten rules about what fishing rods look like and we thought it was time they were broken,” she says.

Simplicity, refined styling, attention to detail and hand craftsmanship – combined with advanced technology – are the hallmarks of a Maven rod. Each rod features a retro chic longitudinal pinstripe and arch pattern – the lengthways pinstripe being a world first for a fishing rod and recognised by registered design mark. Teamed with a sophisticated colour palette, Maven’s understated styling evokes a new nostalgia and appreciation for simplicity as the ultimate luxury. “In essence, Maven is distinctly different because our focus is on boutique, high quality production – and keeping it in New Zealand. We love manufacturing locally and the challenges it presents. We know we have world-beating technology and design talent in our operation here in New Zealand and we’re passionate about taking it to the world,” Gayleen says.

Maven rods are built using blanks made by New Zealand’s world-renowned customised blank designers and makers CTS, whose product is sought after for advanced design and innovation, and exceptional quality, performance and finish. The brand is a collaboration between husband and wife team Gayleen and Stephen Pratt, with Gayleen developing the brand concept and Stephen providing technical expertise as managing director of CTS.

Designed to provide the best for every fishing experience and available in five rod types – Gulf, Tasman, Firth, Pacific or Coast – Maven makes it simple to choose the perfect rod for whichever style of fishing you love, from Jigging, Casting, Soft Bait and Spinning through to Boat and Surf Casting. There are five colour stories to choose from – Sea Foam, Vintage Blue, Mocha, Rocket and Maize.

The antithesis of mass manufactured fishing rods and the formulaic, dark coloured designs that dominate the market, Maven offers simply the finest of fishing rods.