February 12, 2016

When we were imagineering MAVEN, we’d constantly ponder the difficulty most people faced when choosing a fishing rod. It just wasn’t easy.

You’d either get lost in a sea of remarkably similar looking rods at a fishing shop, or face a catalogue with such an endless array of choices, it was impossible to know where to start.

We saw an opportunity to simplify things. We’d make ranges of wonderfully stylish and retro-cool fishing rods, with a flagship collection that would be every angler’s perfect companion.

That flagship collection came to life, and became our best-selling MAVEN Gulf fishing rods. These rods are now used in all corners of the globe, from New Zealand and Australia, to the US and Europe.

They happily traverse from landing powerful saltwater fish, to enjoying a gentle fight for a trout in the river or lake. And the choice is easy. There are overhead and spin configurations (to fit your preference of reel), and a light or heavy power rating.

All rods in the Gulf collection are incredibly lightweight and suit the popular finesse style of fishing. The lighter rods are our biggest sellers, and the all-time favourite is the MAVEN 6’6” Gulf 8-14lb in Sea Foam Green.