The new titanium gimbal

July 30, 2015

Our soon-to-be-launched Maven Pacific and Tasman series are currently in production in our Auckland facility. These include ranges for stick bait, mechanical jigging and high performance casting and spinning.

Like all Maven ranges, they use the highest quality componentry. Having produced such a beautiful butt cap featuring the Maven crest for our Gulf series, we thought long and hard about a similarly beautiful aesthetic for our Pacific and Tasman gimbals and end caps. 

We weren't satisfied that aluminum was going to provide the enduring good looks that a Maven rod demanded, since it is so easily rutted and damaged (see below left, an example of an aluminum gimbal after light use). We instead chose a high performance metal known for its hardness and 100% corrosion resistance: Titanium. We've designed a stunning gimbal, precision milled from solid titanium bar. It has a beautiful lustrous appearance, and is roughly half the weight of stainless steel.

We've designed a neatly fitting titanium butt cap for when the gimbal is not in use - and also for rods where no gimbal is desired / needed.