Gulf fishing report from the waka

May 04, 2015

Today we headed out on the waka for a second fishing trip. The Waitemata Harbour was quiet and calm, and the typically busy shipping channel was empty, but for a dredging ship going about its business.

The fishing reports from the weekend were fantastic, and according to the fishing calendar, the fish were definitely going to be biting this morning. The calendar was right - the gulf was alive with bird activity, which at times brought kahawai jumping within metres of our feet. 

We paddled home with a very respectable catch of snapper in beautiful condition. A successful and refreshing autumn fishing day, with the luxury of homemade vegetable soup and herbal tea consumed in between bites.

I can see why kayak and jet-ski fishing are so popular, and I imagine things get pretty sophisticated on board some of these vessels. When you have little space to play with, a cup of soup is quite a luxury indeed.