Where it began for Maven

February 24, 2015

If you love fishing, there will be one place that holds your first glorious memories of this wonderful sport and pastime.

For me, that place is the Firth of Thames - a little over an hour's drive from where I now live.

My favourite things to do as a child were biking, swimming and fishing, and I had a great friend who shared my love of all three. Jo-Ann and I would head out day after day in our school holidays to catch sprats and eels in the nearby creek and wharf. I don’t ever remember getting tired of it.

Shortland Wharf in Thames, built in 1868

Hape Stream in Thames

We loved the independence and freedom of heading out alone on our little fishing excursions, and had great pleasure in bringing home our catch each day to an eagerly awaiting family of cats.

In those days I didn’t own a ‘proper’ fishing rod.  I used hand lines and home made contraptions. Jo-Ann, on the other hand, had a little light green rod and reel that I desperately coveted. Luckily for me, she was very generous with it.

In my teens, I progressed to fishing in the Firth and all around the Coromandel, from the coast and in boats, and fortunately with real fishing rods. Most of my friends would fish and dive, and it was something that connected us and determined where our adventures would take us. I’ve always felt fortunate to have grown up in a place where the sea and the land were central to everything we did.

After university studies and a 20 year global corporate career, I decided to once again go fishing.

I saw a gap in the market some years ago, for a beautifully retro styled, yet highly technically advanced fishing rod. Maven was a brand that I’d been developing for a long time, and being married to arguably the best fishing rod designer in the world, I knew I had an opportunity to create something very special.

In Maven, I’ve now got my own little green rods, and they are absolute treasures. I’m excited to share them with you. 

Kingfishing in my teens

Cleo the sprat connoisseur